The Holy Trinity

Pretty much every Thursday evening I get together with a great friend, Dr. Brent Brooks, for dinner and drinks. Brent is one of the brightest men I have ever met.  As you have seen from my disclosures in the last several pages, my life and my mind are pretty 'out there.'  I can always count on Brent to be honest with me, something I respect greatly.  When I had my revelation about Noel being God, it was the first thing I opened up with when we met on the Thursday.  His response was; 'okay, you know Noel is God and you are Jesus, so who is the third member of the trinity, the Holy Spirit?'  Without hesitation, my answer was; 'Norah.'  This completed the circle for me.  I know all I need to know.  We were Adam and Eve in the Garden.  We are Ross and Norah. The first and the last. The Alpha and the Omega.

From Come Away With Me.

I woke up on Christmas morning, went to my computer and Googled 'G3'. The first thing which came up was 'God's Genuine Gift.' I didn't understand what that meant immediately, but, sensed that it was something important. I call the days between December 25 and 31, 2003 my '7 days on the mountain with God.'  In this time She (God) showed me things which were not of this world, but, rather of heaven.  I say She because the person that was in my head (and heart) was Norah Jones, the jazz singer whose album Come Away With Me had recently won 5 Grammys.  In the days between Dec 25 & 31, She told me the following:

  • That I am Christ returned.
  • That I am the 'greatest critical decision-maker' in the history of the world.
  • That She (Norah Jones) is my eternal soulmate and that her album, Come Away With Me tells the story of our journey from the beginning of time (we were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden) until a time in the not-too-distant future when we will be reunited, never to be parted again. (we are the Alpha and the Omega - the first and last).

Norah Jones - She (Live).mp3

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