Chuckles Anthony is one of the most passionate, funny and zany racquetball players on the planet.  His progression through the ranks has been meteoric - shown here after less than two years playing the game competing against one of racquetball's foremost stars, Jake Bredenbeck.  Follow Chuck's crazy antics on this page through his YouTube and TikTok videos and other media!  Please submit your content (links, videos...) to us at:  racquetballintheolympics@gmail.com

T-Shirts exclusively by Andrii Kulian

We are proud to announce that we have made a wide-ranging global affiliation with incredibly talented graphic designer, illustrator and photographer Andrii Kulian!  Andrii will create an entire selection of original, inspiring and beautiful racquetball and LifeStyle illustrations to be transferred onto  top quality T-shirts, prints and posters, sold at a very reasonable rate exclusively through Amazon worldwide, enabling people all over the planet to have these amazing creations without the cost of shipping if they are Amazon Prime members!  If you have ideas for great racquetball or other LifeStyle T-shirts, prints or posters, please send them to: racquetballintheolympics@gmail.com

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